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All about ME!!!

Hi.  My name is Chris Prestia.  I am a very serious musician.  I play cello, piano, organ, bassoon, and flute.  I currently serve the Lord as organist and choirmaster at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd and St. John the Evangelist.  I hope to someday be the organist and choirmaster of a church professionally.  I am also a bit of a composer.  You can hear and download some of my compositions and arrangements by clicking the title in the navigation bar on the left.

This is my "studio":
Homebuilt computer--
AMD Athon 3700 2.41 ghz
160 gb system drive
250 gb sample drive
3 gb RAM
M-Audio Delta (4 in, 4out)
Cakewalk Music Creator 2002
Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition
Noteworthy Composer
Gigastudio 3
Garritan Personal Orchestra (amazing library!)
PMI piano magic suite
Homebuilt by my grandfather and I in the summer of 2004--
4-way with 40 db/octave crossovers
howlers and woofers in push-pull config.
20 watts for the tweeters
20 watts for the squawkers
60 watts for the howlers
200 watts for the woofers
300 watts total


Favorite Musical Eras, Pieces, Composers, etc:
Bach sacred works
Anything baroque
Early to mid romantic era
Sacred choral
Larry G. Alexander
Dixieland/ragtime (yes, it's true - who would have guessed it?)
Traditional gospel (none of that contemporary junk!)
Favorite Architectual Styles:
High gothic
Jacobean gothic
Queen Anne Victorian
Anything Baroque
I guess classicism is all right...